Katvond Studded Kiss Lipstick

So recently I got some of Katvond lipsticks I love liquid lipsticks but decided on getting some normal ones for a change! 

Katvond website does not deliver to the uk but http://m.sephora.com does which sells all of kats products! 

I didn’t want to buy the full size just incase I didn’t like all of the colours or the texture so I purchased kat von d mi vida loca remix studded lipstick which looks like this,

 It comes with 8 lipsticks, 7 mini and 1 full size. I have took pictures of my favourite 6 to share with you. 

Coven – lighter lipsticks show up my cracked lips which I suffer with bad! I use loads of lip products to help heal them but nothing really works! Coven is not really a colour I would wear out and about but I love how this colour looks with my paler skin tone.It is a light-medium, cool-toned lavender purple with a matte finish I like how smooth it glides on but to get the full colour I did roughly 4 coats. 

Noble – this colour is a peachy pink nude, I didn’t think I was going to like this colour but I really do! I would wear this as an every day colour and am defiently going to buy the full size it’s just so natural. 

Gold blooded – this lipstick is a red with gold shimmer but you carnt see the shimmer at all in the photos I took I think it’s partly my lighting and photography skills (am working on them) am not sure I can pull of red but I do like this colour more off Christmas colour for me. 

Halo- This colour is bright tangerine orange and I am shocked to say I love it! I wouldn’t of ever bought this by it self it’s orange but it has suttle warm undertones and a tad bit of glitter, the texture is very creamy and was not drying at all.



Sexer – I’m not really a pink girl and I wouldn’t wear this one again. I do think it’s pretty but I will proberly give this lipstick to a friend, the colour is a bright fuchsia pink. This lipstick also has a shimmer to it. I feel like this lipstick was less creamy and pulled at my lips when applying. Also I had to do quite a few layers to get the right colouring.

Nayeon – I love black lipstick and own quite a few but this my first with silver glitter effect. This lipstick was so hard to maintain and I could never keep it even! It was so creamy and got patchy such a let down because i really loved the colour! 

Full sized $21 which is roughly £16 each  from http://m.sephora.com , postage can vary depending on how many items you purchase.

Hopefully a website or a store will soon sell Katvond  in the uk as I would love to see in person before I buy.

I defiently recommend getting the minis first as cheaper and you never know if you will like the colours,I do love the colour halo and am going to be wearing it again very soon but I think I am liquid lipstick girl as you don’t need to touch it up and don’t have to keep checking your lips. 

Hope you enjoyed reading any questions please feel free to ask 😊

Laurakate xxxxx

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