Gerard Cosmetics.

I love trying different brand and recently i have been purchasing so much from the USA! Gerard cosmetics has been one of my recent purchases i found them threw instagram and loved the pictures everyone was posting and i just had to get some! As you may have seen in my pervious post i have a bit of a thing for liquid lipsticks…. I love them so i just had to get more from

I bought 4 shades which i loved, so 2 weeks ago i bought some more and they arrived today! I also got two of there new star powders which are highlighters, and because i spent over $50 i received a free liquid eyeliner which is always a bonus! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

I spent $59 on three liquid lipsticks and two star powders and got free shipping to the uk which is another perk, i used a promo code it should of cost me $119  which is an amazing.


gerard bundlegerard liquid lipstick

So on to my liquid lipsticks, Gerard Cosmetics has 11 different shades but i only own 7 heres a picture of them swatched on my arm in different lighting.


Please forgive my makeup i have had it on for about 8 hours and running around after my kids so its a bit of a mess ha.

Serenity – this colour is described as a warm pink, with hints of brown, i really liked this colour on it was very pigmented and only needed one coat, glided on very smooth.

Ballet slipper – pink nude with slight peach tones. I did not like this shade on me!! it was to pale pinky barbie i don’t even know  what it is exactly but i needed four coats because it was so streaky!


Cher – medium rosy brown with warm undertones. ohhh i love Cher its defiantly going to be a day to day for me even thought its a little dark for every day been brown i feel like it has a tinge of purple undertones to it so i really like it. One coat was enough i did take a picture of the back of my hand, i kissed it 5 minutes after i applied the product and some came of so it takes a while to fully dry!

cher hand


Ecstacy –  Purple and neutral undertones, i like this colour i think its a tad darker in person but its different its not like a bright purple or a really dark one its just right will definitely be using again soon!

I wore Ecstasy today for about 6 hours,i really love this colour, i have took some pictures which is below after i ate some cookies and had a can of diet coke the picture is on the left you can see it has came of only in middle of lip  i didn’t retouch it as i wanted to see if it faded anymore.

The picture on the right is after 6 hours by this point i had my evening meal which was tacos and drank allot more you can see it has mostly come of 😦 but i don’t mind touching up after i eat i always take the lipstick out  with me where ever i  go just incase anyways.

Is anyone like me as well after i eat i get lipstick all over my chin 😒

Iced Mocha – creamy light brown, this colour dose not suit me but the pigmentation was great 1 coat done and dusted, maybe could wear if i was going somewhere nice evening wear kind of look not sure and not like all be going anywhere fancy soon haha.

Invasion –  grey toned, invasion and ecstasy are so similar just invasion to me has more purply/gray undertone and ecstasy has pinky /purply undertone yet slightly grey.



Gravity – gravity is described and  planetary grey with cool tones on there website and i like this colour very pigmented, only needed one coat, i think this will be more of a autumn winter shade so all be putting it away for later this year!

Most GC liquid lipsticks are very pigmented and they look great! They do fade when drinking and eating but so does normal lipsticks… i don’t mind touching them up. If they make more colours am deffo buying!

I swatch all my liquid lipsticks on a piece of card then put it in my makeup boxes as i think sometimes to hard to remember what the colours acctally look like, and this really helps me as the colours pop of the white card perfectly.



These are the two colours of the highlighters i got , grace is more silvery and audrey gold, both beautiful. The eyeliner is great but for more thicker lines as the brush when applying is quite bulky.

Hope you enjoyed reading

laura kate xxxxx




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