Liquid Lipsticks!

I love liquid lipsticks that dry matte, gone are the days of dry and uncomfortable liquid lipsticks. Now there are some many brands coming out with products better than ever and last for such a long time. there formulas are so comfortable and easy to apply. I live in the UK and i find that not many british makeup company do liquid lipsticks so i get most of mine from us USA.

I have a slight obsession with liquid lipsticks which you are going to see even with all the ones i have there is still more i want! will i stop buying them? doubt it!

Why do i love them so much well;

  1. they don’t smudge
  2. the matte effect is just the best
  3. you don’t need a lip liner
  4. don’t get all over your teeth!
  5. the colours are just stand out more

Am going to share with you my favorite brands.

Jeffree star cosmetics –

Jeffree has my FAVORITEEE formula i own roughly 10 of this liquid lipsticks and there is still more i want!

So for now i just thought i would show you my 3 favourite from jeffree star

IMG_4817jeffree star packagingjeffree star bottles

from left to right – Androgyny , I’m nude, anna nicole

Androgyny –  the colour is a purply plum mauve matte it was limited addition of christmas 2015 but they have brought it back! this has got to be my favorite colour you can use it everyday.

Im nude – light-tan based nude  it is really nude i like this when am not putting on allot of makeup

Anna Nicole –  orangey-red i love this as its different from and average red and it doesn’t scream orange it is long lasting, comfortable to wear and just a gorgeous colour that would suit a variety of skin tones

If you don’t want to buy overseas due to shipping and duty tax stock jeffreye star and lots of other USA brands.


Lime crime –

Lime crime are another USA brand but the have super fast shipping to the uk they call there liquid lipsticks the Velvetines and have roughly 21 shades i only own about 6 but i definitely want to get the rest as the glide on so smooth and don’t dry out my lips!

My 3 favourite shade by lime crime;



from the bottom to top faded- polly – fetish

Faded is a light mauve

Polly is a pink mauve

fetish is a plum

i love the applicator its easy to do the edges of your lips first then fill in the middle i find it take roughly 30 seconds for it to dry fully but lasts all day, i drink normally but i find when i eat it comes of my lips in the middle but that can be touched up as soon as am done, this happens mostly with darker colours like fetish.

If you don’t want to purchase them from the USA sell lime crime and also lots of other USA brands.

Lasplash cosmetics

I own roughly 20 of lasplash liquid lipsticks they have about 70 different colours which is crazy!!! …. i still want them all!! The brush applicator is quite big its long .The applicator tip is slightly bend and it makes the whole application easier. I normally do two coats for the colour but that doesn’t bother me, they last for quite a long time not as long as lime crime or jeffree star but i still love the variety of la splash.



Right to left is Rose garden – Ghoulish – Catrina.

Rose Garden – It is a pale purple shade with a  velvety matte finish.

Ghoulish – pale brown shade, i really like this shade am not sure it suits me the best but i love it.

Catrina – brown with a greenish blue shift liquid lipstick and has a metallic finish. such a unique shade thats why i put it in my top 3 from la splash
Love-makeup is a uk company that also sell USA brand.

I have a few more different brands of liquid lipsticks to show you another time,

  • anastasia beverly hills
  • kylie lip kit
  • gerrard cosmetics
  • kat von d

Also i have allot more shades of jeffree star, lime crime and lasplash.

Hope you enjoy reading am new to this blogging , hope you stick around for my other reviews and favourites.


alll bottles

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